2018 Winter Solstice Celebration

Hosted by Blanka, a group of about 30 people eager for sunshine came together on Friday, December 21st at the MSR clubhouse to celebrate and observe the Winter Solstice. Plenty of yummy goodies, including roasted chestnuts, kept the bellies of those present satisfied. Crafts, which included creating paper snowflakes, and designing apple based candle holders were part of the fun prior to the main ceremony.

With the host donning her moon mask, the ceremony began with feeding the fire nibbles of freshly baked bread to help summon the sun’s comeback. Since this reviewer is eager for the sun to return, a generous portion was given to the fire by him.

The ritual continued with stepping outside to howl at the moon. The moon was an impressive sight that evening, however the howling apparently caused the moon to hide behind the clouds.

The ceremony concluded with a session of rhythmical drumming which included tom toms, a variety of castanets, flute, and a bit of keyboard. Adding to the experience were dancers swirling in butterfly capes in the darkness illuminated solely by the raging fire in the clubhouse wood stove.

We can only hope that the efforts of those present at this enjoyable event will entice the earth to once again shift its tilt to provide the north with much needed sun and warmth so we can resume our outdoor activities in the apparel (or lack thereof) that we come to MSR for. – Rich B