What AANR Does For Us

As nudists, sometimes we wonder why we pay AANR dues. In a 2014 article entitled, What AANR Does, published in the Northwest Nudescene, Mel Kanner reminds us.  Here are some highlights of the things AANR does for its members:

  • Creates programs for us
  • Provides news about nudist activities via websites, The Bulletin, e-News
  • Establishes PR campaigns to raise awareness and acceptability of nudism
  • Supports us and our clubs in a variety of ways
  • Most importantly, protects our rights as nudists
  • Challenges anti-nudity laws and regulations
  • Monitors legislative bills and takes action when needed
  • Establishes Government Affairs Team at local and regional levels
  • Maintains liaison with state and federal agencies
  • Recognizes clubs and individuals promoting nudism

When it is time to pay membership dues, remember all the positive things AANR does for us.