One of the most valued attractions at MSR is the trail system. The good news is that our trails have remained open while other activities were forced to close during the recent pandemic.

Even in these difficult times, the trail committee elves continue to be hard at work attempting to make our trails be the best that they can be. Extensive work has been done especially with Maple Loop, Phantom, Elk, and most recently Maple Cove trail by maintaining or reconditioning the trail treads and keeping the trails clear of overgrowth and those ever falling twigs. Early summer is also the time of year where Alpine Park gets to enjoy a weekly manicure.

Our disc golf course has graduated back to being a 9 hole course after replacing a mangled basket in the Southern Exposure. It is such a joy watching our members enjoy these activities.

It’s hard to fathom that the summer of 2020 is anticipated to be a drought year with the extraordinary luscious flora bordering our trails this season. Daisies and Foxglove are in full bloom around Alpine Park, with the surrounding bracken ferns reaching heights of 6 feet! You’d think that you’re visiting Jurassic Park while exploring our fern-lined trails with moss hanging from the branches above. That experience is confirmed when encountering prehistoric reptiles (that some call lizards) that will suddenly scurry from a sunny hole along the trail to those gigantic banana-saurus slugs lurking around each corner seeking out the next victim to slime.

We love our trails. It is our passion. It’s an honor to maintain and improve them for our club. It is our hope that you get to delight in them too.

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