Behavior and Etiquette

Welcome to Mountaindale Sun Resort. It is our goal to create a safe and friendly environment where members and guests can enjoy each other’s company based on mutual respect. Consideration for others, common sense and a few simple guidelines will help everyone create and sustain a congenial atmosphere.

General Conduct: Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that would be considered acceptable in most other public gatherings attended by persons of both sexes and all ages. Please respect the right of an individual to remain anonymous and the individual’s personal space. It is everyone’s right to be free of unwanted attention. “No” means no.  In consideration of the sensitivity of others, any open sexual activity is not appropriate. Illegal activities or substances are forbidden on our grounds.

Children:  We are a family-oriented nudist club. Adult supervision is required for the conduct, care and safety of children at all times. Members are expected to be present with guests they invite to the club. Children (under age 18) are not permitted in the club house after 10 PM when alcohol is present.

Consent form: Children (under age 18) must have written permission from a parent or guardian, and they must be accompanied by an adult sponsor.  Available in the office or here: Mountaindale Sun Resort Parental Consent . Parents, guardians, or sponsors are responsible for children, especially in or near the pool, hot tub, or sauna. All Oregon and Federal laws pertaining to minors must be obeyed.

Clothing: Simple courtesies mean a lot. It is a universal practice to always use a towel when sitting in the nude, whether it is at a private residence or at the Clubhouse. Clothing is optional except in the Hot Tub or in the Pool where nudity is required.  Babies must wear swim diapers.

Firearms: Firearms are not allowed on club grounds.

Noise: Many people come to MSR to get away from the city. Please do not operate radios, cell phones, loud personal or car stereos, or other electronic devices that can be heard beyond your personal area. Loud entertainment should be confined to the interior of recreational accommodations. No loud noises before 8 AM or after 10 PM.

Pets:  All domestic pets must have a completed application with updated vaccination records on file. There is a one time $15 fee for all pets. All animals must be leashed at all times. Violation shall result in an animal being confined to an owner’s or guest’s site. It is the responsibility of the owner to clean up after their pet. Animals are not permitted in the Clubhouse, spa house, game courts or sunning area. Any complaint should be taken directly to the pet owner first and then to the club host.

Photography: The presence of cameras is unsettling to many members or guests who do not wish to have their photograph taken. Photos or videos by any type of device are restricted to the club photographer, or individuals authorized by the Board of Directors. Photo releases must be signed by persons visible in a picture. In an effort to safeguard everyone, photographs of children (under age 18) are not permitted to be taken except by the club photographer and only with signed parental consent.  Adhesive dots to cover camera lenses are required on all phones, tablets, and related devices.