F. A. Q.

Photo 5Please read through our Frequently Asked Question page.  Please contact us if you need additional information.

What do I bring to a Nudist Club?  A light travel bag with at least one towel per person, sun block, any athletic equipment and shoes,  a cover up for chilly days/nights or when you’ve had too much sun.  Note: Polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry a towel to sit or lounge.

What activities does Mountaindale Sun Resort offer? Like any resort there is much to do!  You may play lively smashball or pickleball games, hike on our many trails (trail maps available), shoot hoops or pickleball, relax with friends over a game of horseshoes, actively swim or lie by the pool, visit our hot tub, have a relaxing sauna.  After all of that you may stay overnight in one of our many RV sites after an evening of fun in our club house.

What if I want to stay overnight and don’t have an RV? Contact our Club Host about guest housing through renting one of our Member cabins.

Do I have to get nude?  Mountaindale Sun Resort allows visitors to remain clothed while touring the club the first time.  The club expects guests to be “clothed when practical, nude when appropriate”.  Nudity is required in the Pool, Spa, and Sauna.

What if I encounter someone I know at Mountaindale Sun Resort?   You will find that many people enjoy the nudist lifestyle. They will respect your privacy as you will respect their privacy.

May I come out just for the day? Absolutely. While we do have excellent overnight accommodations, day visitors are always welcome. Daily fees are available on the rates page.

Do I need to be a member of Mountaindale Sun Resort to visit? No, but we are a membership organization. Non-Members must fill out a registration card upon their first visit. Members of other nudist organizations, such as AANR, TNS, INF or FCN are welcome and enjoy discounted rates.

Are singles welcome? Yes.  We welcome anyone who visits the resort and adheres to rules and behavior standards, as a family oriented nudist resort.

Can we bring our children? Of course! Mountaindale Sun Resort is a family resort – complete with a large playground, game room and children’s area.

Can we bring our pets? You may, but there are some caveats. Please refer to our pet policy for more information.

My body is less than perfect. Will I feel out of place? You will quickly discover that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and that, as far as our bodies are concerned, all of us have nothing to hide. The benefits of nude recreation are based on acceptance of self and respecting the individuality and freedom of others.

Nobody I know is a nudist.  My fear is that most nudists live a very liberal lifestyle, far different from me and I wouldn’t fit in.  What kind of people could I expect to meet at Mountaindale? At Mountaindale Sun Resort we have a rather diverse membership base of all types of backgrounds, ideologies, and forms of employment. In general some people do assume we’re just a bunch of wacky hippies up here but it really isn’t the case. Our base includes conservative members, church-goers, those who just like to spend time in the woods a bit removed from society, those who work white collar jobs, as well as more liberal types. It’s the spirit of nudity that brings us together. It is the one thing we all have in common. You can be assured at Mountaindale Sun Resort you will be welcomed and totally respected for who you are. Here you can, “Just Wear a Smile.”

If I bring a friend, can we “play around”, touching each other? At Mountaindale Sun Resort we recognize the essential wholesomeness of the human body and recognize that life is enhanced by the naturalness of social nudity. We believe physical health and mental well-being are enriched through social nude recreation. We have the right to practice social nudity in appropriate settings, provided we do not infringe on the rights of others. Any public touching or sexual activity would not be welcome here and you would be promptly and permanently removed from the property. As we are a family friendly resort, we seek to distance the correlation between social nudity and sex.

Was your question sill not answered? If you have a question about our club or a general nudity question, Dear Naked Naomi is available. You can submit your question to Naked Naomi by using the form here.